What is Alúa Cid?

Our company

-. Alúa Cid is a product created and molded by all of you.

It is born little by little, and that is how it continues to grow, as you ask, inspire and encourage me to create. It is not a dream come true because it is something I had never even imagined.

It's better than that. It is to see how with my hands and your hearts we are creating something great. As big as magic. So I will not tire of saying it: Thank you

How everything started.

There are many who ask me how I started in this:

The truth is that, although I have always been a super creative person, and I have always worked a lot with my hands, and in different disciplines ... the world of illustration I discovered very recently, little has to do with my studies , nor my training.

It is also true that from my first monographic illustration workshop with Chus, the following with Gochi, guinea pigs and the different coloring with markers, also with Gochi, my watercolor classes with Eva Liberal and the many online courses I still do..

... it's what I love the most, what I have in my head when I go to bed and the first thing I wake up with.

The rest of the inspiration is put you with the support in the different projects that I'm taking, your comments on my different social networks, and the incredible response to each proposal I make. Together it is always better. And as I told you once, in some way you are all shareholders in this project that is as mine as yours: