Adorable Zoe 2.0

Adorable Zoe 2.0

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Photoalbum Adorable Zoe 2.0

Photo album. Size: 17x23cm, 25 double-sided printed cardboard pages, decorated with motifs designed by Alúa Cid. 250gr cardboard. Exterior folder protected with a matte laminate, for better conservation.

Ready to fill with photos and perfect for getting started in the scrapbooking world. A fantastic gift!

6x8 Zoe hearts binder

File folder with hardcover with two rings  size with protector laminate, 2 rings. Lined interior, 

Collection: Picnic

Designer: Alua Cid

Album Dimensions  21x22 cm and size 5,1 cm

Size of covers of pages 14,24x20,32cm (6x8")